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Respect Goes a Long Way.

I was up before dawn this morning to head out to a local county park to get some early morning shots. To my surprise there were a couple other cars in the parking lot at 6:00 am however both of the cars were still occupied. As I was pulling in I noticed not 50 yards from the parking lot and about 20 yards off the trail were a pair of Blacktail Deer Bucks. Perfect, I thought to myself, as soon I as I head down the trail the other people will also be heading out and spook off the deer. This always happens while doing photography at populated parks. I quickly geared up and set out.

I got about within 30 yards of them and a young man came up behind me. He was wearing a bright running outfit so I assume he was there to run the trail. I thought I had lost my moment and would not be getting any closer. When I looked over my shoulder at the guy he says to me "I don't want to scare them off". I thought wow this guy is respecting what I am doing here. I said thank you and told him I only wanted a few more shots.

I snapped off a few rounds and looked back over my shoulder. He says ot me again "I don't want to scare them off, how much closer do you think we can get?" I looked at him and was thinking this is cool and he's asking me how to get closer. I said to him "OK, we walk very slowly one step at a time while the deer have their heads down. If they start walking or raise their heads, stop." He looked genuinely surprised and said "Oh cool, alright."

We approached slowly and got in within 20 - 30 feet of the deer. The guy was smiling taking snaps with his phone, and I was ripping off burst after burst as the deer looked up. He then looked at me and said "Thanks, good luck." and walked off about 20 feet and then started his jog. Not once ever startling the deer.

I was stunned this was the first time ever anyone has shown me some respect and caution to what I was doing while photographing wild animals. Much respect . . . much respect young man.

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