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Here Comes Peter Cottontail . . .

. . . hopping down the . . . oh wait wait wait that's not right. What we have here, is known as a Cottontail Rabbit, however in the western coastal regions of the United States they are called Brush Rabbits.

While mostly photographing birds I always take advantage of opportunities to spend a little time with other animals and even insects. It would be amazing to be able to have the freedom to head deep into the wilderness or backcountry to capture some of our more exoctic species, sometimes though you just have to work with what you got. And that is locale, readiness, timing, planning, and budget.

Ok back our little friends here, I found these Brush Rabbits nibbling on some grass along the banks of a lake at a local county park. When first walking upon the area in which they were feeding they immediately took cover in some nearby shrubbery.

I was disappointed in myself, being careless and not totally paying attention to your surrounding by moving too quickly or being to loud will send animals fleeing. I thought I lost an opportunity to capture something other than of the feathered variety.

To my surprise though I saw they didn't make a dash for it but were hanging close by in the cover. Thinking I could possible rectify my disappointment I sat in the grass and brought up my camera. As they scampered a bit in the bushes I was able to get some shots. then I just waited and sure enough they eventually came back out to eat. I was in perfect position, it's really good practice to be at level with the subject you are shooting. Allowing for a much nicer composition and connects the viewer more to the subject then odd angles form above or below.

It was great to get these shots of them with little bits of grass hanging out of their mouths to help create more of a visual story. The disappointment from before quickly became a prime opportunity once more and I got it.

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